Can humans colonize Mars without changing DNA?

If humans are to live on Mars like we do on Earth, we may have to become less ‘human’. Unless Bezos or Musk completes the mission sooner, NASA plans to launch a crewed mission to the Red Planet in the 2030s. For the astronauts, the journey is neither easy nor fun. After all, they will have to endure high levels of radiation, bone-damaging microgravity, and other negative effects that pile up on their bodies for years on end. According… Read More »

Real telekinesis or China’s top-secret technology?

Recently, the world of science has received big news: Scientists have proven that you can control objects from a distance. This new research result is the first step in unlocking human thinking capabilities (i.e. telepathy) in the future. Moving objects with the power of your mind has been the dream of many a nerd ever since our common ancestors couldn’t reach the juicy fruits that grew high. According to SciTechDaily, Chinese scientists ar… Read More »

American couple finds best way to deal with quarantine blues

Everyone is trying to stay safe and sane during quarantine, but Fanni Kovács and her partner Norbert Hosszú have chosen one of the funniest ways to take advantage Endless hours locked up in Pécs’s apartment in Hungary. Some people take up knitting, others teach themselves useful life skills, or improve on what they already do. But not this couple! Instead of revisiting those classic old movies like everyone else on Netflix, HBO or other sit… Read More »

8 Famous Actors Who Almost Lost Their Iconic Roles

Movie fans idolize big-name stars who bring their favorite characters to life, but you know what, some actors almost don’t make it. From ego conflicts to role struggles, these actors have been on the verge of elimination. This proves that even popular actors are only human and job security is not guaranteed. Fortunately, the plot was sorted out and some of the actors got other big roles. It’s quite fascinating to see who nearly lost t… Read More »